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Scar less breast surgery

What is Scar Clinic Areolar?

Scar Clinic –Areolar is used to treat the scars made from insertion of the implant through an incision in the areolar during breast augmentation.Scar Clinic –Areolar is made from semi-liquid, semi-solid gel type silicone, which is used to treat and prevent the scars in the areolar, as well as unexpected scars from various accidents and burns. It is used widely in Dermatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Plastics, Scar clinics, Orthopedics, and Surgery under the name, Scar Clinic-Clear, Thin.*All BellaGel products contain 1 free sample of Scar Clinic Areolar

Scar Clinic Areolar user instructions

1.Wash your hands and the scar area thoroughly and dry before use. 
          2.Remove the product from the packaging.
          3.Remove the protection film on the product.
          4.Attach the sticky side on the incision scar on the areolar.

Scar Clinic -Areolar attachment and usage duration

1.The product should be used for 12-24 hours per day for at least 3 months to have optimal results.
          2.After using for approximately 1 week, replace with a new product. 
          3.If the sticky side has been damaged, or is no longer sticky, use a new product on the area.