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Breast reconstruction

What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is an operation using breast implants, or the patient’s own muscles and fat tissue to create breasts that look similar to the patients’ natural breasts. This is used in those who have had breast resection following breast cancer or trauma, or those with minimal congenital breast development. By reconstructing the breasts, the symbol of women, the procedure allow sthe patients to recover physical and psychological confidence.

The need for and advantages of breast reconstruction

The need for breast reconstruction expands beyond improvement of the patient’s quality of life, to the solution of loss of confidence with the symbol of women. It is a treatment that is being widely used recently for these problems. Some people prefer to undergo this procedure to overcome the inconvenience of using mock silicones that are placed inside the bra. In developed countries, approximately half of breast cancer patients undergo breast reconstruction. However, only 10% of Korean breast cancer patients are interested in breast reconstruction.

Surgical method

Breast reconstruction using implants

Similar to breast augmentation, this procedure uses implants to reconstruct the breasts.  
          Those who have healthy skin and muscle tissue, and who have not undergone radiotherapy are good subjects. Before insertion of the implant, the pre-existing breast tissue is expanded using a tissue expander to create space for the implant. After 3-6 months, breast implants are placed to create breasts with a natural look.