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Timeline of History

  • 2012 ~ 2009
  • 2008 ~ 2005
  • 2004 ~ 2001
  • 2000 ~ 1993

2000 ~ 1993

2000 ~ 1993
2000 04 Established HITE Hans Institute of Tissue Engineering
                  04 The first application for patent in Asia for human body graft acellular dermis processing and separation method 
                  04 Development of the first acellular dermis tissue for human body graft, SureDermTM (Acellular Dermal Matrix), the first in Asia 
                  04 Appointed as “A business with excellent venture business technology and commerciality” by the  Technology Competitiveness evaluation center of KAIST 
                  06 Changed the company name from Hans Medical Corp. to Hans Biomed Corp. 
                  09 Signed an academy-industry co-research contract with the Yonsei University College of Medicine, human tissue recovery research center.
1999 05 Signed an academy-industry co-research contract with KAIST for “acellular artificial dermis research and 
                  09 development” Established Hans Medical stock company Inc.
1998 ~ 1993 -Manufacture of compression garments for burn treatment and liposuction surgery  ,
                  -Monopoly sales of medical leech from BioPharm of U.K. in Korea, 
                  -Monopoly sales of AlloDerm (acellular dermis tissue) from Life Cell of U.S. in Korea

2004 ~ 2001

2004 ~ 2001
2004 05 The first to introduce the product “Scar Clinic” in Korea, which is a scar prevention and management product. 
                    05 Received Quality management system (ISO13485:2000) approval
                    06 Appointed as a “Technology innovation development enterprise supporting business” by the Small and Medium Business Administration 
                    10 The first in Korea to have approval for the first human tissue graft material safety management organization under KFDA.
2003 03 Received “Venture business grand prize” by the Ministry of Health and Welfare 
                    06 Appointed to the development project of “injectable skin regeneration solution material” in association with the Ministry of  Commerce, Industry and Energy. 
                    08 Appointed for the “2003 Brain Pool business research project” hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology 
                    10 Received “Medical technology grand prize” from Jang Young Sil Science and Culture Foundation 
                    11 The first in Asia to register its human tissue graft material in the U.S. FDA
2002 04 Appointed as a technology evaluation venture business 
                    06 Constructed the largest tissue technology research center in Asia, the Hans Daedeok Research Center.
                    07 Received quality management system (ISO9001) approval
                    09 Strategic alliance with Tianjin First Hospital of China 
                    11 Received the “2002 venture business grand prize” from the Small and Medium Business Committee 
                    12 Appointed as the “business with world’s best product” by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
2001 01Developed a filler product, ShebaTM (Micronized SureDerm Tissue), which is micropowderized acellular stromal tissue for human graft. 
                    04 Implementation of National Small business CEO policy to expand the professionalism of sales ,
                    08 Established Japan branch of Hans Biomed Corp. 
                    09 Undertook prototype production and clinical testing of human graft bone related products 
                    11 Signed an Academy-Industry co-research contract with the Department of Plastic Surgery, Catholic University Medical School

2008 ~ 2005

2008 ~ 2005
2008 07 The first breast implant CE certificate of Asia
                    11 Achieved the ‘1 Million Dollar Export Tower’ by the Korea Trade Association
2007 05 Appointed as a “Secondary export enterprise business” by the Small and Medium Business Administration
                    11 Appointed as a technology innovative small and medium business (Inno-Biz)
2006 05 Appointed as the “Primary export enterprise business’ by the Small and Medium Business Administration
                    07 Signed a contract with Ildong Pharmaceuticals of monopoly supply of “Scar Clinic” 
                    09 The first in Asia to commercialize the DBM (Demineralized Bone Matrix) product(Product name: SureFuseTM-Gel/Putty, ExFuseTM-Gel/Putty) 
                    09 Signed a contract with Ostem Implant Corp. to supply “Dental bone graft material
                    11 Received grand prize of the “Prime Minister’s Award” for venture enterprise
2005 03 Appointed as “Inorganic and organic soft tissue alternative business” from the special research project hosted by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation 
                    05 Appointed as the “21st century frontier research and development project’ hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology. 
                    07 Registered the Nasal Implant/Surgical Wire in U.S. FDA 
                    08 The first in Korea to have approval to establish the first ‘tissue bank’ by KFDA
                    08 Achieved patent regarding “transplant dermis related manufacture method” by the China Intellectual Property Office 
                    09 Signed a total sales and supply contract of Bone products with Sudo Pharm Corp.

2013 ~ 2009

2012 ~ 2009
2013 02'Patent for “Bone filler doped with sustained release osteoporosis treatment agent”
                     04 Patent for “Natural bone regenerating agent containing minerals derived from the human bones”
                     07 Patent from the U.S for bone regeneration promoting composite 
                     09 Patent from U.S. and China for “Medical sutures with micro protrusions and its manufacture method” 
                     11 Opened dental specialist website, Hans GBR (www.hansGBR) 
                     11 Signed a sales agreement for “Facial Silicone Implant”  with Hongman of China. 
                     11 Approval from AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks)
                     11 510K approval from the U.S. FDA for the “Orthopedic demineralized graft (DBM/ Product name: SurFuse, ExFuse) 
                     11 Signed a contract with Alpha Biotech of Israle for OEM of “Bone graft for dental use” 
                     12 Application for patent from Russia for the “Medical sutures with micro protrusions and its manufacture method”
2011 02 Signed a contract to provide Lion HT/ HN products to LG Life Science Co. Ltd 
                    03 Established the legal body, HansBiomed USA, Inc.
                    06 Signed a contract for monopoly of the supply of dental products in the U.S. with 
                    07 Signed a contract with Hanmi Medicare to provide the orthopedic/neurological products GenesisSponge and PediStick 
                    08 Received an award “Ministry of Knowledge Economy, the development of sol-gel-pharmacological doped complex bone regeneration promoting agent”, hosted by Nano Korea. 
                    11 Received “the 18th Business innovation gold prize (Prime Minister’s award)” hosted by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
2010 11 Received “Technology commercialization prize” from the Daedeok Innopolis Research and Development Department. 
                    12 The breast implant product was selected as a new generation leading product of the world, by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
2009 04 Appointed as “A Business with excellent technology” by the Daejeon Techno Park. 
                    10 Received the first “KOSDAQ award” as a business by Korea Exchange.
                    11 Signed a contract with Hanmi Medicare to provide the pedic/neurological DBM products SureFuse and ExFuse.