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This is the brand name of the cohesive gel manufactured by HansBiomed Co., Ltd. It is a safe silicone made with raw ingredients certified by the US FDA.

It is the first top product in Asia to receive the CE certification for its various shapes(Round / Anatomical / Conical) and texture (Smooth / Texture)


Cohesive Gel
The Cohesive Gel Silicone which makes up 95% of BellaGel is a top quality silicone registered with the FDA and has natural shape and texture. 
        It has a higher cohesiveness compared to other brands so can maintain its original shape for a long time without leakage of the gel.
        The high cohesiveness means that even if the implant ruptures, the gel will not leak or become absorbed into in the body


Silicone Elastomer
This covers and protects the gel contents of BellaGel.
          It is made of PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane)  which is an ingredient registered in the FDA Master File.
          It is the medical silicone (High performance silicone elastomer layer) which has significantly reduced risk of rupture or shere construction rate. It consist of 5 layers (Smooth) and 6 layers (Textured) made of PDMS.